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This rule will alert when it sees a pdf that is trying to use the a function which initiates network communication and can violate corporate policy and is used in a number of adobe exploits.
This rule detects specific binary artifacts of RC4 decryption
This rule looks for requests for ASP files coming from an attacked host during a secondary stage of attack.
This rule looks for the use of the StartRemoteProjectCopy function of Rockwell FactoryTalk View SE to cause the server to copy a project from an attacker controlled URI locally to the server.
This rule looks for the use of the BackupHMI function in an HTTP request coming from a FactoryTalk device. This could be an indication of potential compromise.
This rule looks for a large number of page requests to ASP files in a short period of time to the Rockwell FactoryTalk server in an attempt win a race condition to trigger an attackers uploaded ASP file.