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Sid 1-8730


PROTOCOL-ICMP record route rr denial of service attempt


The ping command in Linux 2.0.3x allows local users to cause a denial of service by sending large packets with the -R (record route) option.


CVSS base score 5.0 CVSS impact score 2.9 CVSS exploitability score 10.0 confidentialityImpact NONE integrityImpact NONE availabilityImpact NONE

Detailed information

Affected systems

  • debian debian_linux 2.1
  • linux linux_kernel 2.0
  • linux linux_kernel 2.0.34
  • linux linux_kernel 2.0.35
  • linux linux_kernel 2.0.36
  • linux linux_kernel 2.0.37
  • linux linux_kernel 2.0.38
  • redhat linux 5.2

Ease of attack

False positives

None known

False negatives

None known

Corrective action

Upgrade to the latest non-affected version of the software.

Apply the appropriate vendor supplied patches.


  • Talos research team.
  • This document was generated from data supplied by the national vulnerability database, a product of the national institute of standards and technology.
  • For more information see nvd.

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