Rule Category

BROWSER-FIREFOX -- Snort has detected traffic known to exploit vulnerabilities present in the Firefox browser, or products that have the "Gecko" engine (Thunderbird email client, etc.).

Alert Message

BROWSER-FIREFOX Mozilla Firefox ReadableStreamCloseInternal out-of-bounds access attempt

Rule Explanation

This rule looks for a certain sequence of JavaScript operations that are designed to cause a state inconsistency bug to manifest, leading to an out-of-bounds read. This bug could be exploited to corrupt memory, potentially leading to arbitrary remote code execution.

What To Look For

This rule alerts when a specifically formatted web page designed to exploit CVE-2020-6806 is detected. CVE-2020-6806 is a memory corruption bug in Mozilla Firefox.

Known Usage

No public information

False Positives

No known false positives


Cisco Talos Intelligence Group

Rule Groups

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Rule Vulnerability

CVE Additional Information

By carefully crafting promise resolutions, it was possible to cause an out-of-bounds read off the end of an array resized during script execution. This could have led to memory corruption and a potentially exploitable crash. This vulnerability affects Thunderbird < 68.6, Firefox < 74, Firefox < ESR68.6, and Firefox ESR < 68.6.
Severity Base Score8.8
Impact Score5.9 Exploit Score2.8
Confidentiality ImpactHIGH Integrity ImpactHIGH
Availability ImpactHIGH Attack VectorNETWORK
Authentication Ease of AccessLOW
Privileges RequiredNONE