Rule Category

SERVER-WEBAPP -- Snort has detected traffic exploiting vulnerabilities in web based applications on servers.

Alert Message

SERVER-WEBAPP Apache Tomcat FileStore directory traversal attempt

Rule Explanation

Apache Tomcat versions 10.0.0-M1 to 10.0.0-M4, 9.0.0.M1 to 9.0.34, 8.5.0 to 8.5.54 and 7.0.0 to 7.0.103 are vulnerable to a deserialization vulnerability. If an attacker is able to upload a malicious serialized payload they can trigger the deserialization vulnerability via a directory traversal attack using the JSESSIONID cookie.

What To Look For

This rule alerts when an attempt to trigger a deserialization vulnerability using a directory traversal attack on an Apache Tomcat server is attempted.

Known Usage

Public information/Proof of Concept available

False Positives

No known false positives


Cisco Talos Intelligence Group

MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Tactic: Execution

Technique: Execution through Module Load

For reference, see the MITRE ATT&CK vulnerability types here:

Rule Vulnerability

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