Rule Category

BROWSER-WEBKIT -- Snort has detected traffic known to exploit vulnerabilities present in the Webkit browser engine (aside from Chrome) this includes Apple’s Safari, RIM’s mobile browser, Nokia, KDE, Webkit itself, and Palm. Attacks often insert code via exploits, cause webkit renderings in the browser to crash, or otherwise create chaos or exploit for entrance.

Alert Message

BROWSER-WEBKIT Apple Safari browser putToPrimitive cross-site scripting attempt

Rule Explanation

This rule looks for JavaScript used to exploit this vulnerability.

What To Look For

The rule will alert upon detection an attempt to exploit a cross-site scripting vulnerability in Apple Safari.

Known Usage

No public information

False Positives

No known false positives


Cisco Talos Intelligence Group

MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Tactic: Initial Access

Technique: Drive-by Compromise

For reference, see the MITRE ATT&CK vulnerability types here:


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Rule Vulnerability

CVE Additional Information

A logic issue was addressed with improved state management. This issue is fixed in watchOS 6.1. Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to universal cross site scripting.
SeverityMEDIUM Base Score4.3
Impact Score2.9 Exploit Score8.6
Confidentiality ImpactNONE Integrity ImpactPARTIAL
Availability ImpactNONE Access VectorNETWORK
AuthenticationNONE Ease of AccessMEDIUM