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Sid 1-48361


BROWSER-IE Microsoft Edge JIT floating point value type confusion attempt


This event is generated when an html file containing malicious values traverses the corporate network.


Attempted User Privilege Gain

Detailed information

A type confusion vulnerability has been identified in Windows Edge, that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the targeted host. The bug specifically occurs in the way the JIT(Just-In-Time) engine for Edge browser handles float values. In certain specific conditions , the dynamically generated JIT code fails to keep track of the type of an object when handling type conversions resulting from assigning float values to this object. This is a type confusion in chakra engine due to insufficient check when setting a float value to var array.

Affected systems

  • Windows 10

Ease of attack

False positives

None known

False negatives

None known

Corrective action


  • Cisco's Talos Intelligence Group

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