Rule Category

FILE-FLASH -- Snort has detected suspicious traffic via the Adobe Flash Player. Flash is a common target of code execution, overflow, DoS, and memory corruption attacks in particular, via swifs, action scripts, etc. Many networks block Flash altogether; the application will be deprecated in 2020.

Alert Message

FILE-FLASH Adobe Flash Player Selection.SetSelection use-after-free attempt

Rule Explanation

This event is generated when, an attempt to exploit Adobe Flash Player using memory already released, is detected. Impact: Attempted User Privilege Gain Details: This crafted SWF file exploits a remote code execution vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player. The vulnerability is due to a Use-After-Free in the Selection.SetSelection function. An attacker can entice a target to open a specially crafted flash file to trigger the vulnerability. Successful exploitation may result in execution of arbitrary code or abnormal termination of the flash process. Ease of Attack: High

What To Look For

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Cisco Talos Intelligence Group

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