VRT Advisories

VRT Rules 2006-04-25

Sourcefire VRT Update

Date: 2006-04-25


The Sourcefire VRT has added multiple rules to detect the use of Spyware and potentially unwanted technology on a protected network. These rules have been given their own category and a new rule group. The VRT has also modified and improved numerous other rules.



This new rule category contains rules to detect the use of numerous spyware and other potentially unwanted technology using Snort. More than 250 new rules have been added to this group.


The backdoor.rules group has been modified and updated to better detect the use of trojan horse programs on a protected network. More than 150 new rules have been added to detect new trojan horse programs and variations on older remote administration tools.

Each rule is also accompanied by detailed documentation for each spyware, trojan and potentially unwanted software to assist in determining the likelihood of infection and has relvant links to information regarding their removal.

Rule Pack Summary:

For a complete list of new and modified rules, click here.


Sourcefire VRT rule packs often utilize enhancements made to Snort. Operators should upgrade to the latest revision or patch level for Snort to ensure these enhancements are available before using these rules.

About the VRT:

The Sourcefire VRT is a group of leading edge intrusion detection and prevention experts working to proactively discover, assess and respond to the latest trends in hacking activity, intrusion attempts and vulnerabilities. This team is also supported by the vast resources of the open source Snort community, making it the largest group dedicated to advances in network security industry.