If you are new to Snort we suggest that you start with the Snort Manual - the official documentation authored by the Snort Team. In addition to official documentation the open source community has contributed a wide array of documentation based on their experience using Snort. Contributed documentation includes:

  • Set-up guides: These how-to guides deal with installing Snort in specific scenarios. These are useful for installation on specific operating systems or when you’re configuring Snort with other open source applications such as Snorby, Sguil, Oinkmaster, etc.

For a full list of documents please visit Docs

Additional Resources

In addition to the documents discussed above, the Snort Community is often the best resource to answer questions about your installation. In many cases it has already been answered on the Snort-Users Mailing List. It is highly recommended that you join the Mailing List and Groups.

To join snort-users or just peruse the archives visit Mailing Lists

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