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Sid 1-873



DELETED WEB-CGI scriptalias access


ScriptAlias directory in NCSA and Apache httpd allowed attackers to read CGI programs.


CVSS base score 10.0 CVSS impact score 10.0 CVSS exploitability score 10.0 confidentialityImpact COMPLETE integrityImpact COMPLETE availabilityImpact COMPLETE

Detailed information

Affected systems

  • apache http_server *
  • ncsa servers *

Ease of attack

False positives

None known

False negatives

None known

Corrective action

Upgrade to the latest non-affected version of the software.

Apply the appropriate vendor supplied patches.


  • Talos research team.
  • This document was generated from data supplied by the national vulnerability database, a product of the national institute of standards and technology.
  • For more information see nvd.

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