Rule Category

SERVER-ORACLE -- Snort has detected traffic exploiting vulnerabilities in Oracle Database Server.

Alert Message

SERVER-ORACLE Oracle Weblogic T3 remote code execution attempt

Rule Explanation

The rule is looking for attack chain that can be used to perform deserialization in Oracle Weblogic T3 protocol to perform remote code execution

What To Look For

The rule alerts on attack chain that is used in CVE-2020-14645 exploitation

Known Usage

No public information

False Positives

No known false positives


Cisco Talos Intelligence Group

MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Tactic: Execution

Technique: Execution through API

For reference, see the MITRE ATT&CK vulnerability types here:

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Rule Vulnerability

Insecure Deserialization

Insecure Deserialization relates to web application security. Applications turn an object into data through serialization; the reverse of that process, deserialization, can be vulnerable to attacks when the application trusts the data that is being deserialized. Serialized data is machine readable and not encrypted; serialized user-supplied data should not be trusted. Deserialization attacks can lead to remote code execution.

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