Snort trademark guidelines

Snort, Snort Logo, and the Snort Pig

Sourcefire currently holds registered trademarks for Snort and the Snort pig logos. In order to properly protect these trademarks, it is critical that the proper marks and attributions be used at all times.

1. When referring to the Snort detection engine or rules:

  • The first time the term is used, it should be written in all uppercase ("SNORT") with a registered trademark ® or ®
  • Each use of the term Snort thereafter should always be written with a registered trademark ® or ®
  • The page on which Snort is referenced should include 'Snort is a registered trademark of Sourcefire, Inc.'

2. When using the Snort logo:

  • Only official, registered trademarked logo images should be used
  • The page on which the Snort logo or the Pig logo is featured should include 'Snort is a registered trademark of Sourcefire, Inc'
  • The logo should not be modified without prior approval from Sourcefire
    • Only vector EPS files may be enlarged, do not enlarge any rasterized logos - JPG, GIF, TIF, etc. (increasing the size will hurt its native resolution)
    • Do not alter the dimensions of the logo (decreasing its size should always be done with the proportions constrained)
    • Do not recolor the logo (we have specific spot, process and hexadecimal colors depending on the application – contact us for more info and other approved color combinations)
    • Depending on the application, the logo should always be kept smaller than 2" (width - proportion constrained) and no smaller than 1.25" (width - proportion constrained) print size (exceptions do apply, please contact us for info)
    • Color logo should have a white background with at least .25" border
    • Do not lay the logo above other images, or have other images laid above it
    • Do not incorporate the logo as a part of another image design, or embed in another image
    • Do not use web-based logos for print work
  • Hi-res as well as web-optimized logos are available, please contact us

Derivative logos

While we want to encourage the growth of the Snort community, we do not allow 3rd Parties to use the Snort name, Snort logo or derivatives of either without prior written approval by Sourcefire Marketing. Such permission will be granted when the 3rd Party agrees to reference Sourcefire as the owner of the Snort name or logo in a form that is satisfactory to Sourcefire. Even when provided with permission to use the Snort name or logo, 3rd parties must adhere to the guidelines above.