Certified Snort Integrator Program

Sourcefire’s Certified Snort Integrator program enables 3rd parties to distribute Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) Certified Rules as part of a commercial product or service. Certified Integrators can both resell the Sourcefire Subscription or distribute VRT rules as part of a product or service offering.

If you are interested in a Certified Snort Integrator license, contact snort-license@cisco.com.

Certified Snort Integrators

Sourcefire Network Security Sourcefire, Inc., a leader in intrusion prevention, enables organizations to manage and minimize network security risks with its 3D Approach - Discover, Determine, Defend - securing real networks in real-time. The company’s network defense system unifies intrusion and vulnerability management technologies to provide customers with an effective network security solution. Founded in 2001 by the creator of open source Snort®, Sourcefire is headquartered in Columbia, MD.
Above Security Above Security is one of the world’s leading IT security providers, with expertise firmly planted in risk management and an unwavering focus on providing exceptional incident response management to clients in industries that handle highly sensitive information. Founded in 1999, Above Security has gained experience guarding the systems of over 250 private and public organizations around the world and leverages the continuous improvement of its technology and processes to better protect the most critical and sensitive IT assets in its clients’ networks day in and day out.
443 Networks 443 Networks provides a complete network security infrastructure platform for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Built from the ground up with a focus on scalability, 443 Networks has been specifically designed to deliver the tools required to run a MSSP, including the management of multiple security appliances across multiple customers and locations. More information at www.443networks.com.
BR Connection Firewall, Active IDS, VPN, SPAM Protection, Virus Protection, P2P and Internet Messenger Control, Spyware Protection, and Content Filter are just a few of the features of BRmultiaccess, developed and distributed by BRconnection since 1998. More info here.
BT Counterpane BT’s Managed Security Solutions Group, powered by BT Counterpane ensure customers’ business continuity, improved compliance, and protection from financial loss. Monitoring networks in 175 countries to gather, correlate, and evaluate an unparalleled volume of information, we give our customers the industry’s broadest real-time view of, and response to, global IT security threats. Leveraging our experienced professionals and state-of-the-art security solutions, BT delivers comprehensive protection and real economies of scale and efficiencies of cost. For more information, visit bt.counterpane.com.
Catbird - Hacker Protection Catbird is the industry leader in comprehensive security for virtualized and physical environments, and winner of the 2007 VARBusiness Technology Innovator Award for Virtualization. Via Catbird V-Security and the Catbird V-Agent virtual appliance, Catbird is the only company delivering best-practice security for Hypervisor, Guest VMs, and Policy/Regulatory Security Compliance.
eCop - Proactive Protection and Risk Management e-Cop, a leading regional company, offers a comprehensive suite of services to counter the emerging security threats faced by client organisations. These services include Managed Security Services, Technology Consulting Services, and Professional Security Consulting Services. e-Cop operates and maintains several Security Operations Centres (SOC) worldwide which are ISO/IEC 27001 certified and powered by its highly advanced, award-winning security event correlation technology developed internally by its R&D team. Guided by its philosophy of innovation, e-Cop endeavors to develop avant-garde proprietary products that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Cyclops Enterprise Security Manager and Cyclops Intrusion Detection System are exemplary services birthed through e-Cop’s product-innovation efforts. For more information, please visit www.e-cop.net.
Fox IT - Experts in IT Security Fox-IT, a leading Dutch IT security company with a strong international reputation, develops solutions for the protection of state secrets, conducts digital forensics, performs security audits, provides security training courses. Our Managed Security Services unit provides specialized, highly flexible monitoring and internet intelligence services. For more information, please visit www.fox-it.com.
Industrial Defender - Cyber Risk Protection Industrial Defender, Inc., the global leader in Cyber Risk Protection, is the first company to offer a completely integrated cyber security solution designed to protect the real-time process control and SCADA environment. Formerly known as Verano, Inc., Industrial Defender is a privately held company with over 16 years of real-time process control and SCADA industry experience, more than 1,100 global deployments in securing critical infrastructure systems and more than 3,000 mission critical SCADA deployments.
Open Systems | Global Communications Protection Operating security installations in over 100 countries on all continents, Mission Control™ Security Services made Open Systems an established name in numerous corporations and organizations in the fields of finance, health care, media, manufacturing, logistics, government- and non-government organizations. It combines the latest location-independent IT security technologies, 24/7 monitoring and highest Swiss quality standards into services with complete security coupled with maximum availability. For more information, visit www.open.ch.
SAVVIS SAVVIS is the leading Security Utility provider. Our risk management solutions include Virtual and Network-based Firewalling, Log Management, Threat Management E-Mail Archiving and Intrusion detection services for Wide Area Networks (WANs). Depend on us to deliver the integrated solutions you require, backed by a team of experienced & credentialed security professionals. For more information, please visit www.savvis.net/security.
Solutionary Solutionary is a pure play managed security service provider (MSSP) and trusted security advisor to over 1,000 global customers. Ranked by Gartner as a “visionary” in the MSSP Magic Quadrant, Solutionary works with organizations of all sizes, any industry, delivering comprehensive, best-of-breed offerings for security. Please visit www.solutionary.com for details.