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We strongly encourage everyone to ask questions and post comments about Snort and VRT Rules to the relevant Mailing Lists so anyone in the community with similar questions can benefit. However there are times when questions and comments should be sent directly to the Snort team. When these situations come up it’s important to use the correct address in order to ensure your question or comment is reviewed by the right members of the Snort Team here at Sourcefire. The following email contacts are monitored by the Snort development team, VRT and web team.

We also strongly encourage everyone to read the manual and the FAQ for more assistance.

There is also a Snort IRC channel on the freenode network (, it’s #snort

Email Contacts

Question Type Email Contact
Snort Configuration Problems Snort-Users Mailing List
Assistance with school work Snort-Users Mailing List
I’d like to talk directly to a Developer on the Snort project Snort-Development Mailing List
Snort Development Snort Development Mailing List
Submit a Bug Bug submission form
I have a problem with my Oinkcode or VRT Rule Download Snort Web Team
I have a quick question about writing rules for Snort, or about a VRT rule in particular Snort-Sigs Mailing List
Submit a False Positive False positive submission
I believe my IP is on your blacklist, how do I get it removed or find out why it’s there? False positive submission
It’d like to buy, or have a question about, VRT Rule Subscriptions VRT Sales
Become a VRT Integrator Business Development
Regarding the Website only Snort Web Team
Education and Consulting Questions Snort Training
Anything else, and you have already emailed the mailing list: Joel Esler