VRT Subscription

Subscription options:

  • Personal - This subscription type is for use in a home network environment or for educational purposes only. If you’d like to purchase a VRT subscription online using a credit card, you may do so here
  • Business - This subscription type is for use in businesses, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, government agencies, consultancies, etc where Snort sensors are in use in a production or lab environment. This subscription type does not include license to redistribute VRT Certified Rules except as described in section 2.1 of the VRT license agreement. If you’d like to purchase a VRT subscription online using a credit card, you may do so here. If you cannot purchase with a credit card, and must pay by invoice, or if you need a quote, please contact our VRT subscription sales department here.

Snort has long been recognized as the de-facto standard for intrusion detection and prevention. The power, precision, and flexibility of the technology and the robust rules language enable the industry’s most comprehensive threat coverage. Understanding that attackers are constantly developing new methods of attack, uncovering new vulnerabilities, and exploiting known weaknesses in commonly deployed systems, Sourcefire created the Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) to ensure our customers stay one step ahead of the latest threats. Sourcefire’s VRT have taken Snort rules enterprise grade, developing rules that are accurate and fully tested before they are released to the community. They focus their efforts on writing Snort rules that detect underlying vulnerabilities rather than exploits. This holistic approach offers Snort users detection coverage for all possible attacks against a vulnerability and provide protection in advance of actual threats. Sourcefire’s VRT Certified Rules often provide protection months and even years before exploits are detected in the wild.

Subscribers receive:

  • The fastest access to Sourcefire’s VRT Certified Rule updates- The same Snort ruleset developed for Sourcefire customers, immediately upon release – 30 days faster than registered users.
  • Coverage in advance of exploit - Sourcefire’s VRT proactively focuses on the underlying vulnerability, rather than simply reacting to known attacks.
  • The ability to submit false positives/negatives directly to Sourcefire VRT – VRT Subscribers are encouraged to send false positives/negatives reports directly to the VRT

The Most Comprehensive Protection Available

In addition to the Sourcefire VRT research and standard feeds, the early warnings provided by the open source community give the Sourcefire VRT insight and access to vulnerability data well before exploits are available. This enables them to proactively focus on the underlying vulnerability, rather than reacting to known attacks. By leveraging the flexibility of the Snort rules language, the Sourcefire VRT is able to provide detection and prevention capabilities well in advance of an actual threat. For example, when the team learned of a vulnerability in Microsoft RPC DCOM they immediately recognized the potential for devastating attacks. Within days they were able to release new Snort rules to detect attempts to exploit this vulnerability. When the Blaster worm, which uses this attack vector, was released weeks later, users were already protected.

About the Sourcefire VRT

Sourcefire VRT is a group of leading edge network security experts working around the clock to proactively discover, assess, and respond to the latest trends in hacking activities, intrusion attempts, and vulnerabilities. Some of the most renowned security professionals in the industry, including the authors of several standard security reference books, are members of the Sourcefire VRT. This team is also supported by the vast resources of the open source Snort community, making it the largest group dedicated to advances in the network security industry.

With the Sourcefire VRT subscription service, we are able to extend the same commercial-level coverage that Sourcefire customers receive to Snort users.

Annual Subscription pricing:

Subscription Type Pricing Sensor(s)
Personal (Available only online)
Business (Not for Resale)
Business (Not for Resale)

For additional business subscription information, please submit a contact request or call 800.501.6008.

Want to be an Integrator?

If you’re interested in reselling Sourcefire VRT Rules or otherwise integrating VRT rules with a product or service a separate Integrator License is required. For more information on an Integrator License contact our Business Development team.