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Community 2006-09-05

Sourcefire Community Rule Update 2006-09-05

Sourcefire Community Rule Update

Date: 2006-09-05

This message is to announce the availability of an update for the Sourcefire community rule set, which can be downloaded free of cost or registration from http://www.snort.org/pub-bin/downloads.cgi.

New rules in this release are identified as SIDs 100000874-100000891. These rules cover detection of TOR and Google Talk traffic, which may be policy violations in some environments cross-site scripting attempts against the Roller Weblog system a buffer overflow attempt against ImageMagick remote file inclusion attacks against PHP Live Helper and Inlink SQL injection against SimpleBlog and other attacks against the pHNews, Proxima, pmwiki, tikiwiki, yappa-ng, and Webmin/Usermin systems.

Sourcefire would like to thank the following submitters for their contributions:

* Dan Ramaswami for SIDs 100000874-100000875 * Will Young for 100000876-100000877 * p3rlhax@gmail.com for SIDs 100000878-100000880

Community Rule Pack Update Summary:

For a complete list of new and modified rules use this link.

To submit rules to the Community rule set use this link.

About the VRT:

The Sourcefire VRT is a group of leading edge intrusion detection and prevention experts working to proactively discover, assess and respond to the latest trends in hacking activity, intrusion attempts and vulnerabilities.

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